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Give Your Dress Code A Handsome Boost!                                                                                                                     

Garçon Model® started from a simple statement: Your clothes say a lot about your personality.
 The problem? Men’s underwear is way behind the fashion curve. Guys are literally stuck wearing Batman undies or boring three-pack briefs that go shapeless within a month. To remedy that, we set out to create world-class underwear that would bring a man’s underwear drawer into the modern age. You’re going to love Garçon Model®!


Underwear for Champions

Performance and comfort is at the core of our design mission. Men with an active lifestyle need to go from 0 to 100 in no time. Between work, gym, and play, underwear is the base layer that keeps us comfortable throughout the day.
 To that end, our line combines the enhanced functionality of cutting-edge active wear with the sophistication of high-end fashion. This is why so many men like to wear Garçon Model®.


Underwear for the Planet

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” - Henry Ford

At Garçon Model®, we care about sustainability as much as style. From the sourcing of our materials to our day-to-day operations, we are constantly striving to make our business as socially responsible and sustainable as we can be.   We’re working hard to integrate socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout our supply chain. Our fabric is sustainably produced, and the dye house we work with is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful substances are used in the dying process. We also ensure that our garment factories are committed to avoiding child labour and pay fair wages.


As Seen In …

Underwear that looks great, wears well, and is mindful of the environment definitely attracts attention! This is why these publications have chosen to feature Garçon Model® in their pages:

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