1. New Purple Elite Sport Jocks

    Purple Elite Sport Jocks

    All you need is color! Great-looking and perfectly breathable, these purple jockstraps are a treat. Go ahead and try them on—we think they might change your life.

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  2. New Orange Elite Sport Jocks

    Orange Elite Sport Jocks

    Bye bye, boredom! These ridiculously good-looking jockstraps will keep you cool and comfortable no matter what the thermometer reads. Time to refresh your wardrobe and add some colour!

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  3. New Pink Elite Sport Jocks

    Pink Elite Sport Jocks

    Personality: Sexy! Bright and delicious-looking, these jockstraps are a great everyday choice. They also sport exceptional comfort and durability. Most wanted!

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  4. New Green Elite Sport Jocks

    Green Elite Sport Jocks

    Are you ready for summer? Made with top-grade quality bamboo for superior comfort, style and durability, they will soon become your go-to everyday pair. A necessity and an instant classic!

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  5. The 365-Pack

    Replace your entire drawer with this ultimate value pack!

    Select 365 pairs of your choice (any size/colors/style) and use this code PACK365 at check-out or email us at to arrange a custom selection tailored to your needs!

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  6. The 31-Pack

    Enough pairs to last you an entire month. Isn't that supreme luxury?

    Select 31 pairs of your choice (any size/colors/style) and use this code PACKMONTH at check-out.

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  7. The 7-Pack


    Rock an entire week's worth of GM undies!

    Select 7 pairs of your choice (any size/colors/style) and use this code PACKWEEK at check-out.

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  8. COLLINS Jock


    The Collins Jockstrap by Garçon Model is our take on the classic white jock. Revamped for the modern man with style and sex appeal. Collins is sporty and sexy.

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  9. BRICKELL Jock

    Are you ready for the Brickell Jockstrap by Gaçon Model? A simple yet standout design. Your comfiest underwear just happens to be a show-stopper!

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  10. Gift Card

    From: AU$10.00

    To: AU$500.00

    Want to Give Something Special?

    Underwear by Garçon Model® is the perfect gift. There are plenty of reasons to send a cool e-gift card to your loved ones. Whether it’s Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthdays or just because you feel like it!

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